Focus on your Business

We take care, monitor and help to manage your Digital Affairs.

"It means a lot, if you can outsource the whole technical, security and performance stuff and don't have to bother about it"
Joana GERaNT

WordPress maintenance services

All our WordPress Maintenance Plans include 30 minute site fixes per month. Ensuring your WordPress is up to date, secure and optimized. Starting Care Plans at 29,- EUR per Month.

WordPress Hosting

The best solution for all WordPress websites. Managed WordPress hosting is performance, without the fuss. With us, your WordPress websites will be faster, safer, and more reliable. This will help you grow your business. After all, if you are able to grow, we will grow with you.

Daily Backups

Don’t worry about your data – every night, we create a daily backup of all of your websites, which we save for 14 days off-site. Simply choose which part of your website you want to recover. You can choose to recover an entire website backup, or just the database, code files, or media folder.

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